EDN Upgrade and Load Balancer





Arwen completes MCB’s Internet Segment Infrastructure

MCB is the second largest bank of Pakistan. After successful deployment of their complete Data Centre Infrastructure, Arwen Tech was again chosen to deploy and optimize the Internet Segment of MCB Bank. Arwen Tech proposed market leading Juniper Solution consist of MX104 as Edge Routers, SRX 1400 as Internet Edge Firewall/Gateway and EX4300 low latency switches as DMZ Server Farm access switches. This Internet Segment of MCB is literally state-of-the-art design which is extremely rare in enterprises. The two edge routers are receiving full BGP Feed, running in active/active mode, where route selection is solely based on path cost, rather than any other sort of manipulation like policy-based or static routing. This unique design ensures that the traffic leaving/entering MCB network goes through optimal path without compromising on redundancy/high-availability. Juniper’s state-of-the-art Next Generation Firewall, SRX1400 was proposed by Arwen Tech as Perimeter Security Gateway. It’s equipped with Juniper’s awardwinning AppSec suite providing Next Generation Security features and Application level visibility, control and protection. It provides advanced, next-generation defense against known and unknown threats, with a comprehensive suite of layered security services. These SRX 1400 Series gateways are built for resiliency, scalability, and availability to secure data centers or the enterprise edge against the broadest spectrum of threats. The solution proposed and deployed by Arwen Tech also includes Industry leader, Juniper’s DDOS -Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) protection which identifies and suppresses malicious control packets while enabling legitimate control traffic to be processed. This protection will enable MCB Network equipment to continue functioning while under attack from multiple sources.