Network Assesment






  • Selects Arwen Tech as their trusted partner to asses bank’s Network and suggest further optimization and possible improvements.

The aim of the Network Assessment Review is to determine the health of the Network from a performance, security and resilience perspectives collectively. The network of the bank has gone through various upgrades and   growth during the past few years in various stages. ArwenTech is selected to work with the bank’s IT team to provide a detail assessment review of the network to ensure that the architecture is optimal and ensure smooth   operations to enable bank not just to grow but also provide non-disruptive operations  Provide a detailed report to be used for optimizing the network. Security analysis performed for current and possible improvement areas present in the network (north-bound, south-bound, East-west). This include analyzing Firewalls rules, Access policies etc. Technical analysis of Network and beyond. Applications etc. Perform analysis as well as all sort of design & configuration level analysis. Perform a   detailed Analysis, using appropriate tools, of traffic flowing through the core networks.



  • Arwen Tech provides Network visibility through Solarwinds EMS technology at Bank AlFalah

This project includes multiple Solarwinds modules like Network Performance Monitor- Upgradation ; Server & Application Monitoring and Network Configuration Manager . Resiliency and high-availability was also a core requirement of BAF. HA is supported on all Solarwinds products via Failover Engine (FoE) which was also a part of this project.

BAF has now complete visibility over their network in the form of an interactive dashboard accessible to all stakeholders.