Software Defined Wide Area Networking

A revolutionary application-defined SD-WAN solution

Arwen’s SDWAN solution gives your enterprise additional options when it comes to the configuration of not only your networking devices, but your network itself. With SDWAN, you can utilize different types of networks that weren’t available in the past. Arwen’s SDWAN solution offers the best ROI for SDN technology.

SDWAN offer tremendous potential in terms of flexibility and configuration, and the ability to support applications and workloads. SDWAN technologies take sending different traffic over different kinds of networks, to a new level whereby various algorithmic nodes can be implemented as a function of application type that performs special network traffic treatment such as optimizing the WAN connectivity for latency, jitter etc, to ensure quality and reliability. The benefits of these types of specialized flow based complex algorithms pushed down to the hardware via a software defined environment with ease, are limitless.

No two networks are alike. Arwen team of certified professionals, along with a wide array of world-class partners, focus on providing technology solutions that are tailor-made for specific customer needs. Being vendor agnostic has enabled us to have no bias towards a single vendor or partner. We design networks with products from whichever partner and/or vendor that suit best in every unique IT environment.

Some of our partners products that we use are listed below;

Key Benefits

  • Simple yet powerful workflows
  • Single-click setup
  • User-to-server control
  • Scalability for large environments
  • Integrated application acceleration and visibility
  • Programmable network
  • Increase productivity
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Rich Analytics