“Technology that brings your phone system into the modern age so you can use the Internet to make and receive calls, whether it is landlines and cell phones, or computer to computer.”

ArwenTech provides IP calling architecture deployment as per industry norms.

IP telephony system, refers to a technology that enables the transmission of voice communications over the internet or any IP-based network.

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The IP PBX call server is the central control unit of an IP telephony system. It manages and controls the communication flow, including call routing, call handling features (such as call forwarding, conferencing, and voicemail), and integration with other communication systems such as email and instant messaging.

IP Contact Centers

ArwenTech has deployment and design experience for modern IP contact center systems offers unified communications and the flexibility of working from anywhere for team members. While most systems offer multi communication channels such as voice, text, website, video calls for companies to better serves customers.

IP contact centers, also known as IP-based or cloud contact centers, are modern customer service solutions that leverage internet protocol (IP)

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technology to handle incoming and outgoing customer communications.

These contact centers utilize IP telephony, voice over IP (VoIP), and internet-based communication channels to connect customers with agents and facilitate efficient customer interactions.

Arwentech provides On-premises and Cloud based Contact Center for small, midsize and large enterprises, financial institutions and Service providers.


Online meeting refers to a technology or system that allows individuals to virtually participate in or experience a remote location or event as if they were actually present there.

It goes beyond traditional video conferencing by providing a more immersive and interactive experience.

ArwenTech has multi customer flavor for designing and deploying Cisco Meeting, Microsft Teams meeting and Poly Video conferencing solutions. The goal is to create a sense of presence and enable users to interact with the remote environment and people in a natural and realistic manner.

Smartboard Solutions

Smartboard solutions refer to interactive whiteboard systems that combine hardware, software, and accessories to create an interactive and collaborative learning or presentation environment.

These solutions are commonly used in educational institutions, corporate settings, and other professional environments to enhance engagement, interactivity, and information sharing.

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  • Increased Engagement and Interactivity
  • Enhanced Visual and Multimedia Learning
  • Improved Teaching and Presentation Delivery
  • Collaborative Learning and Sharing
  • Access to Digital Resources
  • Record and Playback