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Prepare for liftoff, Pakistan! Arwen Tech, a leading force in IT security solutions, has joined forces with A10 Networks in December 2023, a pioneer in high-performance application networking, to unleash a dynamic duo of security and performance for Pakistani businesses. This powerhouse partnership brings together Arwen Tech’s deep local expertise with A10’s cutting-edge Thunder® Series appliances, delivering unparalleled protection against cyber threats while optimizing application performance to new heights.

Arwen Tech embraced a transformative journey by digitizing HR processes and operations. This initiative aimed at enhancing efficiency, streamlining workflows, and providing a more seamlessexperience for our valued employees. Arwen Tech successful Implemented Cloud based HR Management System in December 2023. Automation of routine HR tasks, allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives. Enhanced employee self-service features for greater empowerment.

Employee of the Quarter’s program is introduced in fiscal year 2023-24 to recognize and celebrate exceptional contributions within the organization. This initiative sought to foster a culture of appreciation and highlight individuals who consistently go above and beyond. These achievements underscore Arwen Tech & commitment to innovation, employee engagement, and continuous improvement within the realm of Human Resources.

Arwen is a first Cisco Gold partner in Pakistan. Arwen is maintaining this status with Cisco since last 14 years. Cisco has a policy of conducting Partner Capability Review (PCR) through its Auditors namely NSF. Recent renewal was awarded to Arwen without the need of audit as Arwen 100% complied all requirements of maintaining a Gold certification. Arwen currently hold required number of specializations i.e. four, in the domains of Data center, Enterprise Networking and Security and Collaboration. Arwen has also fulfilled the required score of CCIE, CCNA & NP certifications along with Lab facility.


Pakistan’s public sector’s leading technology company, NADRA is always continuously thinking of improving its cybersecurity landscape. In 2023 Arwen was selected to provide Fortinet technology for DC and Internet firewalls, WAF and the secured infrastructure for ECP for upcoming General elections of 2024. Rising above the plethora of competition, Arwen successfully won the project to deploy Fortinet products at NADRA.

Arwen Tech has cemented its position as the undisputed leader in Appdynamics solutions in Pakistan, securing a remarkable 100% market share with its third consecutive project win in the FSI industry of Pakistan. Demonstrating Unwavering Commitment to Client Success, Arwen successfully wins its 3rd consecutive Appdynamics project in MCB bank in 2023. Arwen Tech already has a satisfied clientele of Appdynamics Application performance tools in Bank Al Falah and Faysal Islami. AppDynamics is a specialized application performance management software tool that provides a comprehensive application performance monitoring (APM) platform. Its APM solution helps businesses monitor the performance of their applications in real-time, identify and troubleshoot performance issues, and optimize their application performance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Financial Services Industry (FSI), robust security is paramount. Implementing and maintaining an effective PAM solution is critical to the security posture of any organization. National clearing company (NCCPL) selects Arwen in February 2023 after a due technical evaluation process NCCPL has in its organization., where the scope is to provide, install and operate/support PAM for next 5 years.

In a significant move to fortify endpoint security for Pakistani businesses, Arwen Tech, a leading IT security solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with SentinelOne in the year 2023, the pioneer in autonomous endpoint protection platform (EPP). This collaboration unites Arwen Tech’s deep local expertise with SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform, empowering organizations to combat sophisticated cyberattacks with cutting-edge prevention, detection, and response capabilities.SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform revolutionizes endpoint security by combining, Real-time threat prevention, Automated incident response, Endpoint data unification, Cloud-native architecture

Arwenech announced a strategic partnership with Logsign in the year 2023, a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform provider. This collaboration unites Arwen Tech’s local expertise with Logsign’s advanced SIEM technology, empowering Pakistani businesses to gain real-time visibility and advanced threat detection across their IT infrastructure. Logsign’s SIEM platform consolidates security data from diverse sources, including firewalls, servers, applications, and network devices, into a single unified view. This holistic perspective empowers security teams to, Detect threats early, Investigate efficiently & Respond decisively

Arwen Tech, a leading IT security provider in Pakistan, proudly announces its official partnership with Crowdstrike, a global cybersecurity leader renowned for its cutting-edge cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP). This strategic alliance empowers Arwen Tech to equip Pakistani organizations with advanced endpoint security solutions and combat evolving cyber threats with unparalleled efficacy.

Arwen Tech, a leading IT security solutions provider in Pakistan, announces its Silver Partner status with Thales Gemalto IdCloud. This partnership empowers Arwen Tech to deliver robust security solutions for organizations seeking advanced Risk Based Authentication solutions. Today, Arwen Tech can help banks take advantage of their ongoing digital transformation by ensuring customer trust and regulatory compliance. Gemalto IdCloud is a suite of cloud-based managed services that enable FIs to combine, identity proofing, strong customer authentication (SCA) and risk management By joining forces with Thales Gemalto IdCloud, Arwen Tech strengthens its security solutions portfolio, enabling Pakistani organizations to elevate their cybersecurity posture, boost operational efficiency, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Arwen Tech proudly announces the successful completion of the Network Security Revamp Project for Lucky Cement Limited in the year 2023, further solidifying our dedication to securing digital landscapes. This transformation involved integrating cutting-edge network and security technologies, showcasing our expertise in crafting resilient and robust infrastructures. We implemented a tailored security framework leveraging Fortinet and Juniper solutions to strengthen Lucky Cement’s posture and ensure consistent compliance. This includes advanced technologies like Next-Generation Firewalls, Juniper SRX, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, FortiAuthenticator, FortiTokens, FortiWeb, and Fortinet Access Points with integrated Access Control Systems.

Banks across Pakistan can now breathe a sigh of relief as FORTRA has entered into Pakistan’s market with Arwen Tech to provide a comprehensive DLP solution, safeguarding critical financial information and building trust with customers. Arwen achieved the FORTRA partnership with a focus to take its DLP or Data Leakage Prevention solution to Pakistan market. By leveraging ARWEN/FORTRA DLP, customers specially banks can build a robust data security posture, safeguard their critical financial information, and foster trust with their customers.

Another pinnacle that was accomplished by Arwen in the recent years was the successful hosting of Tech event and seminar on the “Enterprise IT Management”. It was a focused technology seminar mainly for FSI which was attended in large numbers by Banking, service provider and enterprise industry leaders. Solarwinds subject matter experts and Arwen jointly presented the EITM solutions to the audience.

To ensure superior customer service, Arwen became partners with VMware, one of the leading ESP service providers, by fulfilling their requirements. This has allowed Arwen to Support the current needful of Cloud Infrastructures for our customers & Digital Work Space.

Leveraging Solarwinds’ cutting-edge network monitoring, database, and security tools, Arwen Tech provides State Bank with a comprehensive solution for end-to-end network visibility and enhanced security posture. In the year 2022, SBP awarded Arwen Tech with a Turnkey project of Supply, Implementation and 3Yr Support/Operations of Solarwinds products to fulfil Bank’s Performance visibility needs.

Paving the way for unparalleled connectivity at Lucky One Towers, Arwen Tech in 2022 has secured a landmark project to deploy Cisco’s advanced GPON solution, encompassing networking, security, and collaboration tools.

Arwen Tech expands its cybersecurity arsenal, achieving ADVANCED Fortinet Partner status and bringing deeper expertise in data center security, SASE, SD-WAN, and endpoint protection to customers. Arwen achieved the requirements and certifications to become ADVACE partner. This means more focus on specific Fortinet product or solution areas: Requires specialization in areas such as data center security, SASE, secure SD-WAN, or endpoint security. What does this mean to end-customer is, Advanced Partners within the Fortinet program unlock a range of exclusive benefits specifically designed to enhance their business capabilities and customer offerings, customer benefits like, Deeper insights and expertise, proactive guidance, and Value that Advance partner will bring in to Customer’s business.

Lansweeper Asset Management lifecycle Management Vulnerabilities Risk Assessment Discover every asset in technology environment diagrams features discover IT, OT, IoT, AWS, Azure, and GCP assets. Arwen completes its partnership with Lansweeper around middle of 2022 and is all set to provide Asset management solutions from this platform.

Recognizing the critical need for advanced data protection for our valued customers, Arwen Tech unveils a comprehensive suite of defensive security solutions, empowering businesses to build impenetrable cyber defenses. Arwen made a significant expansion in 2022 by broadening its offering in the areas of Defensive security. Our technology consultants are now all set to take industry leading SIEM & SOAR, EDR, DLP, Email and Web security, Application security and IAM products into the market. Arwen has achieved relevant security specializations and partnerships from Fortinet, Cisco, One Identity, PaloAlto, RSA, Citrix and F5.

Fueled by a shared vision of empowering Pakistan’s IT landscape, Arwen Tech and Solarwinds have ignited a nationwide surge in Enterprise IT management expertise through comprehensive training programs and seminars. In a testament to its unwavering commitment to the Pakistani market, SolarWinds, a leading provider of IT management software, has continued to invest in the training and development of its Pakistani customers. As part of this initiative, Arwen Tech, a premier Tier 1 partner of SolarWinds, has successfully conducted tech events in all Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad in the year of 2021-22, further solidifying its position as a trusted advisor and knowledge provider for its customer base in Pakistan

Arwen Tech, a leading provider of IT security solutions in Pakistan, announced a strategic partnership today with OneIdentity in the year 2022, a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. This collaboration brings together Arwen Tech’s deep local expertise with OneIdentity’s award-winning Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform, empowering Pakistani organizations to simplify user access, strengthen security, and comply with industry regulations. OneIdentity’s solutions are trusted by leading enterprises around the world to protect their critical data and infrastructure.

During the year 2016-2017 Arwen was successful in providing apt and efficient solution for GTM Microsoft License Exchange Migration, with expertise to migrate. Arwen competed with DELL on the following project, and through our dedicated efforts, we were selected to deploy Cisco servers and EMC storage as the lowest compliant solutions.

Further nourishing our affiliations within the banking sector, in the year 2016-2017, Arwen achieved another key milestone when we implemented Solution of Solar wind for Bank of Khyber. This allowed BOK to observe performance of all the devices that were being used in their nationwide branches.

In a strategic partnership to power its future growth, CMPAK (ZONG) has chosen Arwen Tech to build a robust and scalable billing infrastructure supported by cutting-edge H3C, F5 and Cisco technologies. Adding to the laurels amassed by Arwen in the year 2021-2022, another one that stands out is our association with CMPAK in regards is selection of Arwen Tech for back to back two expansions in its Compute, Storage, Security and Switching infrastructure to support its Billing application handling the massive customer surge. As a part of the SOW, Arwen implemented H3C compute, Cisco SAN switching and F5 Web application firewalls at ZONG’s data centers in Islamabad and Lahore and is responsible for 5 years of support after final acceptance.

In a major move to bolster its cloud and compute offerings, Arwen joins hands as a Advanced Certified partners with China’s leading technology brand i.e. H3C. This strategic partnership grants Arwen Tech access to H3C’s cutting-edge cloud and compute technologies, enabling us to provide comprehensive solutions specially in the domains of Cloud & Compute for enterprise businesses seeking digital transformation. H3C is an industry leader in the provision of digital solutions, and is committed to becoming the most trusted partner of its customers in their quest for business innovation and digital transformation., one of the leading providers of Compute, Cloud and Networking technologies. The partnership is expected to expand both partners’ reach to new customers in Enterprise, Telco & Public sectors.

Seeking to unlock new heights of customer engagement and sales, IDEAS has entrusted Arwen Tech with a comprehensive Magento upgrade, encompassing platform, infrastructure, and performance monitoring. Around middle of 2021, Arwen was selected as a partner by IDEAS to provide a complete solution of E-commerce platform which includes the E-commerce application, IaaS and Application performance monitoring solution., all from Magento. Magento e-commerce solution offers merchants a robust and scalable platform to build and manage their online stores, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers and ultimately increasing sales and revenue.

Streamlined service delivery, centralized endpoint control, and empowered departments – JS Bank unlocks these benefits and more through Arwen Tech’s expertise and Manageengine’s advanced tools. Around 2021, after a thorough evaluation, Arwen was selected as a partner to provide bank with and ITSM tool and a web-based application for desktop administration and management. Arwen implemented industry leading tools from Manageengine called Service desk plus and Desktop central (now End point central) to respectively address bank’s needs for service management solution that combines IT service management, IT asset management, and CMDB with enterprise service management capabilities for departments including HR, facilities, and finance., and an application that enables administrators to manage computers effectively, from a central point.

Arwen Tech has become HBL’s trusted partner in delivering a seamless and lightning-fast banking experience between its state-of-the-art Data centers, leveraging the power of Riverbed Steelhead in delivering Application acceleration and WAN optimization to eliminate network lag and optimize data transfer. The technology brought significant improvement in bank’s RPO to real time through the deployment of Riverbed’s Steelhead technology.

HALO is an ITIL aligned ITSM Software ITIL is a framework designed to standardize the selection, planning, delivery and maintenance of IT services within a business ITIL guidelines and best practices align IT department actions and expenses to business needs and change them as the business grows or shifts direction Gain complete visibility into your IT, OT and IoT assets. Arwen Tech has partnered with HaloITSM in 2020 and has successful delivered projects in FSI and Telco in 2021 and 2022.